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Ice Machine Sanitizing

Are you conscious of the risks that a dirty ice machine can give you?? Sanitizing is a deep clean which includes cleaning the whole machine, the storage bin and the internal water system. This operation could take around 3 to 4 hours.

A non sanitized machine can give you an upset stomach, food poisoning or sickness and this is all down to the ice machine not been adequately cleaned.

Benefits of a Sanitized Ice Machine:

  • Food safe and approved for use in public water supplies
  • Kills bacteria such as Legionella, viruses, algae, fungi and fungal spores
  • Breaks down to water and oxygen eliminating toxic products
  • No taste or odour
  • Continues to disinfect after application
  • Environmentally friendly

Certification of clean ice machines.

Lack of cleaning will result in the effects as illustrated in the pictures. Nothing will shut down an ice machine faster as lack of cleaning has the following effects:

  • Blocking of pumps
  • Damaging of motors and pumps
  • Reduction in the harvest capacity

Cost for making a harvest

Your clients will inevitably get a stomach upset if you do not sanitize your machine. We provide certification to be put on show for your clients to see stating that your machine has been sanitized.

Deep cleaning of ice machines is a very important part of the maintenance programme that we provide, which should be completed every 6 months.

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How safe are your ice cubes? How safe are your ice cubes?
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