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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What other services can you offer once the Air Conditioning or Refrigeration installation is complete?

Fourways Ltd is able to offer extensive services ranging from simple telephone support to fully managed on site maintenance contracts. We are happy to service and repair the equipment for years to come whether under warranty or not. On many occasions we are able to offer extended warranties to suit your budget.

2. Are all projects fully managed?

Yes, all projects are fully managed no matter how large or small. We have dedicated supervisors and project management staff. Whether a project is 3k or 300k it will be managed to the same high level.

3. Can I have a system which cools and heats?

Yes, Systems heat and cool if required from the same piece of kit. To give you an idea, heat pump systems can be offered for only a few percent more when compared to cooling systems and in some cases for the same cost.

If you are extending, why not allow us to quote for heating and cooling and save money by eliminating the need to upgrade boilers and add radiators.

4. Can works be undertaken out of hours?

Yes, we are happy to carry out works during the evening or weekend to minimise disruption at your place of work. It should be noted that out of hours costs are slightly more expensive than normal working hours due to an increase in our staff's pay scale for these unsociable hours.

5. Can you service & repair our systems even though you have not installed them?

We can supply service and maintenance works for all systems whether they have been installed by Fourways Ltd or not. We can also in certain cases offer extended warranties to plant installed by the competition.

6. Do we need planning permission for the installation?

This varies depending on the type of installation you require. However there are two types of permission to consider which are local authority permissions and landlord permissions. Both of the aforementioned areas are something we can help with as we do on many occasions on the clients behalf. We will produce all drawings and correspondence and liaise with either the landlord or planning office on your behalf.

7. Do your systems comply with Health and Safety requirements?

All of our systems comply with Health and Safety requirements. All documentation produced also complies with the same.
We produce all method statements and risk assessments for the proposed installation or service / repair works in line with our quoted costings. This documentation is released upon receipt of an official order or letter of intent.

8. Do your systems qualify for ECA’s (Enhanced Capital Allowances )?

Fourways Ltd where possible specify and install equipment which qualifies for Enhanced Capital allowances. The industry has evolved during the past few years and the majority of light commercial office air conditioning plant qualifies for ECA’s and where budgetary limitations are less stringent will be quoted for your requirement. If this is an area which interests you, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

9. How do I know the equipment you propose will last and be reliable?

Fourways Ltd have been trading for well in excess of 36 years. All of the products we sell are market leading brands and have an expected life of approx fifteen years dependant upon application. This life span is of course subject to routine maintenance.

There are cheaper products within the industry which last only a few years before they become unreliable. At Fourways Ltd we steer clear of these and only offer the market leading brands.

10. How long does an installation take to complete?

It depends on the installation requirements and its complexity. The timescales will be indicated once the budget and cost has been provided.

11. I do not have a three-phase electrical power supply into my building, can I still have an efficient system?

Yes, Energy efficient systems are available in both three phase and single phase. We can even offer gas fired systems to heat and cool. Whatever your limitation on site we are sure we will be able to offer a solution.

12. I have heard air conditioning systems are expensive to operate and run. Is this true?

There are systems within the market place which are expensive to run due to being inefficient but the systems we offer are extremely energy efficient and cost effective.

13. I would like a quotation, what do I do?

First of all make notes regarding the area you require a quote for such as size of the area, number of occupants or a brief description of the area.

  • You can then: Call the office on 01763 407900 and speak to one of our sales staff who will be happy to discuss the project and your requirements or you can fill in the online enquiry form (adding some of the details mentioned above) we will call you back with a competitive quote.

14. Is there any chance of catching Legionella from your systems?

In simple terms none of the systems we engineer and install can put you or your staff at risk. For more details of the systems we offer and how we eliminate the risk of legionella please call the office.

We cannot comment with regard to any existing services and equipment within your building but will happily undertake a survey of existing plant in the event you are concerned. Routine maintenance of existing systems can eliminate the risk of legionella. Service and maintenance is also an area we can help you with.

15. What warranty do I get?

Systems are offered complete with a 12 months parts and labour warranty which is extendable to 36 months dependant upon the manufacturer selected. All warranties are subject to a maintenance regime in line with the manufacturers and Fourways Ltd guidelines. Please contact us if you require a quotation.

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